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el jorge loco

Staff member
I remember Prez, especially when we tried to get competitive with CS:Source. Always have a blast when we play. But like Fred said, need some forum activity as well. :)


The 47 Ronin
Thanks for the kind words everybody. <3

DeSiRe.: Yea I don't think I saw you around when I first started playing CSS but nice to meet yas!

Wombo: Glad I met you too man. I always enjoy pubbin with ya. I'm not an all star, but I don't exactly sux completely. It's all about having fun for me, so it's good to pub with someone you can have a good time with.

built: <3. I do strictly Customer Support / Client Support for tech companies. I have a good lead on a job right now as I'm 2 interviews in with a competitor of PayPal, and I'm pretty confident it will go through. If it doesn't, I would really appreciate being able to send you my resume. Thanks a ton, man.

Surrender: I think I've heard of that band before but never checked em out. I love HST. In fact, my avatar is a pic of him with some guns in a cockpit of an airplane. Dammit I wish that dude was alive today. =P Always been a pleasure pubbin w you, man. Thanks for the kind words.

Fasttrak: Thanks for the welcoming. 47R has always been that way, in a non-douchebaggy way, which is why it's so awesome. I'll definitely get my post count up. There are actually some really useful threads on here. See you in the pub as well!

uberjames: Danke! See in da-pub!

Dickfor: I remember you. =) Mostly because of the name. When I first saw your name, I thought to myself "wtf is a dickf...oh...hahhahaha." I like it, well done, sir. Also, your avatar kicks ass. =P

Fred: Looking forward to getting to know ya, and I shall definitely work on posts. Cyaround.

69fbody: <3. Thx for the vote. Cya in da pub.

el jorge loco: Not sure what you got out of being competitive with me. =) I'm definitely a low fragging player compared to pub stars like Ace or Spray, but I appreciate the commentary. Have that said, I like to have fun. If I can't be a top fragger every round, why not have fun with it and rush and die, and get 3 enemies in the process (if I'm lucky). Also looking forward to getting to know you. Thanks man.

Kazuo Kiriyama: Right back at ya! Cya round...

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
I know Mr. Prezident. he's a damned good man and I knew that for a fact even before we got to talk to speak to each other in person at the first meet. Just the fact that he reluctantly stored his tags away, when he realized he couldn't commit to the squad at a level that he felt he should, should speak volumes to all of us. We all take that "Kwai Chang" journey (or journeys) in life in order to seek what needs to be found though not all of us are aware of what we seek or even that we seek anything at all. Prezident is aware of his journey and honors his journey as he honors this squad. That, I think, exemplifies part of the "mystique" of what it means to be Ronin. That is part of the reason thaI have a great deal of respect for Mr. prezident. That is just part of the reason that i recommend prezident for immediate reinstatement.

With that said, i would advise [MENTION=738]prezident[/MENTION] to do his best to comply with fasttrak's suggestions. Fasttrak has earned his leadership role within the community and is never anything less than thoughtfully pragmatic where the Ronin are concerned.
[MENTION=738]prezident[/MENTION], I'm grateful you've chosen to seek reinstatement. Folks like you make me proud to be a part of this community.




The 47 Ronin
Civ - You're too kind, honestly, and thank you for the positive feedback.

I just want to say that Civ is one of the most friendly and welcoming people I've ever met, in and outside of the 47R. He's one of the most personable gamers of my Steam friends, I can talk to about anything. He's always there to talk if I'm going through a rough patch and need to get something off my chest, and for that, I'm truly grateful to have known and met him. Thank you Civ for just being you. /singskumbaya =)

Ice - I couldn't agree more with you and the clan that I need to get my post count up, and I'll work on doing so.

To answer your question, I do indeed own CSGO-B and play semi-regularly, again, only in the 47R servers. I might add that we could really use an admin there to patrol our server during peak hours in order to germinate the type of 47R community we've all come to love and respect.

Thank you all for your positive feedback. Constructive feedback is also welcome and greatly appreciated. =)


Uncle P.

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Prez I know you know me:),so you more than just one plus from me,but like you already know decisions,decisions,make sure the boses like you again and be a post whore this is important,se you in game my friend.


The 47 Ronin
keep posting on the forums! don't know you, but you seem like a cool guy. look forward to playing with you in the pub and good luck! :)


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The guy is cool, unfortunately is has been gone for few weeks from the forums and unable to sustain regular activity on the site.