Vote for ME! Please? :)

I posted this on the 47r Facebook group but I figured maybe some people only read the forums! I submitted an entry for a scholarship and was chosen as one of the 30 finalists. I need the most votes to win and I would appreciate it VERY much if you guys could vote for me! It's once per day until the 12th. Please, Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! :giggle:

Log into your Facebook and click this link:

BookRenter Summer Snap-Off on Facebook | Facebook

Then click the "Vote" button and there will be a pop up asking you to allow the app, do so and the vote will be counted.

THANK YOU! Oh, I believe the offer was that I would let you knife me forever :)


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I went ahead and voted, but I did not chose my information to be shared when it told me to access my stuff.
I'd vote for you Jenn, just for the simple fact that you're actually a REAL GIRL!!! And we have visual confirmation, albeit from something like FACEBOOK - guess it was good for something LOL.
Some guy in the css server was using a voice changer hahaha. He sounded like a girl, then admitted he wasn't in a man's voice, then he did the low kidnapper voice changing voice right after.