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"when no admin are on and we always have hackers in the server. would be nice to ban them and not have everyone leave the server."

make sure you have admins added to your friends on steam
they may not be on css but they can hop on to drop the hammer

"Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: i only play css on the server and i think 99% of the server players are awesome. "

white walls #1 right?

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
Is this an app or a Logitech vs. Razer thread? I'm pretty sure Section8 was in the pub the very first time I played there. I believe that was 2006. I didn't know he's Glock's cousin but it stands to reason since their both dangerous. Evidently they're both sexy too. Toys for Tots smells like biker business to me. Plus he's five-oh...can't give him a plus one. But I do suggest we wave the forums requirement in consideration of longevity in the pub and service to the community, his, ours, and yours. Glad to see your app, Sir. You do us a great honor.


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USMC, have you had the chance to talk to nutbutter year? If he is not on, please add me and_pilot on steam and message me when you have some time.
sorry went camping, decided i hated the fog and we loaded up and went to the cabin. i guess thats not camping, but it was a blazing 83 degrees with sun.