Denied Unban Request

I am getting a steam error when i try to move the vid from my DL box to open....

I dont understand how i can be banned after 2 rounds, going 4 and 2 in those two rounds, but what can i do...

I know i did not and will never cheat. I enjoy CS too much to disrespect the game...



Staff member
This ban will be reviewed in private.
Our other admins will also take a look at this.
You will know more about it tomorrow about the final decision.


The 47 Ronin
Don't take it the wrong way Osiris, we appreciate your concern in the matter but if one of our members says hacks, we have to take there opinion just as serious too and review it. We try our best to keep the servers filtered of anything that would be a possible violation of our policy.


osiris, to view the demo, download the .dem file nut posted. Then put it in your cstrike folder, open up counterstrike and in console type "playdemo osirus". I'd like to hear your opinion on how that doesn't look like you are aimbotting..
Im at work right now and my PC at home is the PC that has CS on it... I really dont need to see the demo for the simple reason i know for a fact that I have never used a cheat.... I invite anyone in the Socal (Orange County) area to come inspect my computer for any type of cheat/program/anything.... I have always been respectful to anyone on your servers and I am a very honest person. I will tell you that I do suffer from nerve problems that causes twitching/shaking due to 6 months of disk/nerve/bone grinding... But in all I feel you all have already convinced yourselves that I have cheated and I will no longer be allowed on your servers. Ohh well. But if you really think about it you are discrediting me due to a physical handicap and thats not right.

Invite is and always will be open to inspect my pc, only way any of you will finally understand and see that I have nothing to hide.


PS: I just got done talking to my IT guy at work, He is also a gamer, and he said that the Steam Authenticator would have not allowed me to connect to your server "IF" I had a 3rd party program/hack running. Since I am noob at that sort of IT lingo/stuffz I am even more confused.