Denied Unban Request

I have been playing on this server for more then 2 years. Tonight, for some reason I guess i got accused of using a third party program (aimbot). I am sorry, but I am a 38 year old grown man that does not need cheats to win...

View my stats and you will clearly see I do not and will never use cheats...



Staff member
HAHAHAHAHAHAH... your a joke buddy. Ban will not be lifted... PERIOD! I'm was suprized to see you using an aimbot after playing on our server for so long but non the less you were using one. NO EXCUSE!
why? I did nothing wrong.. I want proof of me supposedly cheating?? If you cannot provide proof then you are being the dishonest ones for banning someone that has never cheated in CS. I have been playing since 1.5.

I want proof....

If you cannot provide proof then its just an unwarranted/Unjust ban....


Staff member
Locked. Please do not create another thread. this one will be updated if there is a change in your ban status.