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UNBANNED Unban Request cvd STEAM_0:1:8423440 01:28 50


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In Game Nickname:cvd
Date Banned:Aug01 / Aug02 ? ( it was right around midnight )
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:8423440 01:28 50
PunkBuster-ID: n/a
Reason of ban: unkown
Admin that banned you: unkown
Why we should unban you:

I love 47R server and I have never cheated.. and wont!



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I didnt catch who banned me.. people were talking about a name change hacker and then bam.. i was kicked.

I have logged a fair amount of hours on that server and haven't acted out of line... I dont know how to cheat to be honest.


Could have been an accident. If you did nothing wrong you'll be unbanned soon. Just wait for other admins to reply.


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i vouch for him i think it was a mistake on my part. sorry about that cvd. i think i gave an admin the wrong steam id...fucking name changing bastards. it was an honest mistake. sry again.