UGH computer issues

OK so I need some tech help from those more savvy than myself.

My computer seems to be running much more poorly than it was just a couple weeks back. CS:S is almost unplayable, I have random 'lag' spikes or periods where the game spazzes out and freezes up for a second before it resets and I'm not where I thought I was standing. In general it also feels like my system isn't running smoothly, things aren't loading as fast, handling multiple programs is an issue....etc...etc....

However ping is good, FPS is high and I reset my modem, router etc.

I'm running vista ultimate.

My physical memory is running constantly at 50%+ something I don't remember it doing before, and I thought maybe that it. I also noticed more processes running than normal....did a mal-ware virus sweep which came up clean. I'm operating at around 68-70 processes...keep in mind i run a very clean machine with hardly any background crap.

svchost.exe is the main thing running around 17-18 processes varying between network and system. I really don't know whats going on any ideas or suggestions on why shits acting crazy. I have defrag set to weekly.

I haven't changed anything other than adding a second monitor (could this be the issue?)


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sounds like some malware running in the backround eatting up your resources. try using

CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download


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fix your registry up, and also

start >> search >> msconfig >> services see whats running in there that u dont want running all the time, svchost has to run though.

start >> search >> msconfig >> Startup you can boost your computers startup by stopping a buncha applications from booting in the first place and sitting in the backround, you can take care of that here.
Cool thanks I did everything you recommended and its much smoother. I also called my cable provider and resent a signal after a hard reboot of my modem and router. Much better connection now.
One note on Spybot: It has a tendency to read registry edits as false positives, then just eats them. Before doing hair, I was a comp sci major and as such tended to have to fix people's comps that I knew. Several times I saw Spybot delete the entire system32 folder which contained essentially all their main drivers x.x. It's not that you shouldn't use it in the future, but pay close attention to what it decides is malicious as it's a damn aggressive cleaner x.x