Turtle Beach headsets?

they definitely arent the most comfortable headsets... the padding is kind of firm and less squishy than most headsets and they clamp pretty hard.
the sound quality is good though, its better to just go with a logitech product, especially because if you have any problem with your item logitech will send you a new one, and Ive never even had to send back my old one.
Please read this guide: Mad Lust Envy aka Shin CZ's Guide To Headphone Gaming (particularly with Dolby Headphone) or this one http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1285726
They're pretty spot on about headphones as I have bought two of the pairs mentioned.
I was running a Mixamp with a pair of ATH-AD700-Open-air-Audiophile-Headphones for roughly two years. The soundstaging and percision is onpoint but the sounds itself tend to fall within the neutral range. It didn't bother me for a good few years when I wanted a little more kick to the high and lower ends and not have all of the sound sit on the middle end. I currently use beyerdynamic-990-Premium-250-Ohm. They have a nice kick on the bottom end but not too much bass, as too much tends to drown out the mids which are super important for gunfire, footsteaps and all of the audio cues. The soundstaging and percison is almost to the point of cheating. They can only really be rivaled by the AKG-K-701/2 for pure sound staging and pinpointing.
I know this doesn't DIRECTLY pertain to TBs but I was originally going to buy a pair of TBS and realized that for 200 I could get the mixamp (OR if you already have a decent sound card) plus the ath-ad700s for less than a TB and far better. See, the whole 5 speakers in your ear thing is total bullshit. Each driver has to flip on, and in turn you don't get as clean a sound as you would with stereo mimicing 5.1...err...I wont get into all of it since it is covered in the review link I gave you above.
Seriously, check it out. A pair of good cans will change gaming for you. Immersion and knowing exactly where a footstep came from is too much to pass up.