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Two things are clear on pugs, most do not have good sound or none at all and others do not pay attention to the mini map.

With good surround sound whether it is a pair of headphones or room full of speakers a player can create a picture of what is going on around a corner or on the other side of a wall with the sound at a good level. With a somewhat loud sound level you should be able to hear footsteps coming, the picking up of equipment, reloading, switching weapons, etc. at quite a distance away. Pair this up with the use of the mini map and now you know where friendlies and opponents are. While spec'ing people rarely know that there is someone 20 feet behind them unless they stop to check their six or someone is doing it for them. Turn the sound up! You will be surprised as to what you can hear with the sound at a almost painful level. Then you two can be called a cheat when you hear someone running over catwalk and can follow them through the wall.

I use a pair of 5.1 analog surround sound headphones. Had a wireless set, but gave those to the wife so she can watch movies. I like headphones as they can be turned up without interfering with others around me.
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The 47 Ronin
yah, i just use headphones... you can hear footsteps much easier (ie. @ lower volumes) than with surround speakers. i'm sure you posted this before, but which headphones are you using?


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The 47 Ronin
You're absolutely right. Part of the reason I suck is probably because I play with speakers, turned up to a low to moderate volume. I just never have the energy to plug in my headphones in a pub


The 47 Ronin
And people tell me how I hear them :p Put a nice headphone on and I can hear people from short and long from Mid almost


The 47 Ronin
SPEEDLINK MEDUSA NX 5.1 powered by Sound Blaster Z

I had a Sony wireless set coupled with a Sure mic, but after giving those to the wife (mic too as she now reads for audio recording of books) took some time finding a pair of multi-speaker headset that sounded good. I like analog. I know there is a lot of discussion out there about the digital headsets vs analog. That digital is better since the one driver it needs is of higher quality. While this is true if you are looking for an all around usage headset. The trade off is better surround sound (here is where eye brows of the viewers will begin to dance). It is not physically possible to produce better surround sound from one speaker. There is a lot of technical information I could post to support this, but I wasn't going to bore most viewers. Headphones do make it easier to simulate surround sound from a single speaker and more difficult with multi-speakers. For most people virtual surround sound will do as is confirmed by what is available on the market. The reason there isn't a big market for multi-speaker headsets is simple, cost. I have tried MANY digital and analog(well the few that are out there) headsets. These are my favorite. Afraid they may become unavailable because they are imported and the direction markets are going I bought 2. Takes about 1 month for shipping.

Keep in mind all people hear different whether it is a physical difference or just a matter of what they like.

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I have always wondered about getting gaming headsets, but most of the crap I have does me just well as @v.Kamikaze pointed out. I can hear folks coming mid, long and short if I am sitting at Long A or in CT spawn.

Looking up at your radar helps too.