Trump's Newest Announcement - Transgender & The Military

Look, I know that all of us probably have very conflicting political ideologies. I would love to get the input from some of you who are in the military currently or who are veterans. I know there are at least a handful of you. For those of you who do not know, Trump announced that he plans to ban all transgender people from serving in the US military in all capacities. Not sure what will happen to people who are trans who are currently serving or how the VA care will affect trans veterans.

I posted something to Facebook and it absolutely exploded. 200+ comments or something crazy like that. The only people who supported the action were kids (20 something year olds) that are currently in the military. They didn't really articulate their opinions well but apparently they also believe that they shouldn't have to work alongside trans individuals in the military.

What are your views on the subject? Any clarity people want to shed around the topic since I am not a veteran or military personnel would be appreciated. I would also like to thank you for your service and say that I believe anyone who is able to do the job should be allowed to serve their country that they love regardless of sexual orientation or how they identify. :)

el jorge loco

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My opinion is already on your Facebook feed, but basically it's a move to appease the Christian right helped to get the President elected. From that perspective, usual politics (in this case, appeals to tradition, etc.)

However, were politics the justification, I think there'd be less blowback... also if it wasn't Donald Trump. If this was George Bush, some people would be mad, but it wouldn't blow up into a media circus. Though times have change, and so have people's perceptions.

That being said, the justification that was presented was that it was a cost-savings measure. This is bunk because trans people make up around 0.1-0.5% of the total armed forces. Any expenditures towards their health on the yearly budget is calculated around $2.4M-$8.4M, which is itself a drop in the bucket, compared to the cost of an F-22 ($138M for an additional one based on a 2009 estimate), to the entire U.S. Defense Budget.

Also, for arguments that discuss "mental" fitness to serve, gender dysphoria is a mental health disorder identified in the latest DSM-V (though they softened the language and stopped calling it an actual disorder). For argument's sake, I will call it a disorder (boo Loco's being insensitive!). However, not all disorders are alike. For example, a person with ADHD/ADD also mas a mental disorder, but can still serve so long as it can be determined that they can be fit for duty despite the disorder.

Like anything else, blanket acts don't work. They didn't work in high school when they wanted to punish the entire senior class for a prank done against the rival high school's mascot, and they don't work in real life.


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I was Navy. I don't per say have an issue with it, but I do think people should be fully transitioned prior to enlisting. Not trying to get everything done while also being active and not being fit for duty, training and deployments, among other things.

My example is some guy in my battalion decided to participate in a 100 mile run one weekend. Then when Monday came around, he could barely walk, so he was removed from a project he was on and I replaced him.

Not the end of the world, but by making that choice and not thinking it out, he became a buddy fucker. And there are enough buddy fuckers in the military. A person going through procedures to transition would in one way or another also be a buddy fucker, which is one of the worst things you can do in the military. Fuck over your peers. It's all about carrying your weight and being where you're supposed to be and medical stuff is one of the exceptions. But generally, those medical issues are not by choice, so you're more accepting. Having people transition and not have to deploy or do field exercises would create resentment in the community and add to what I'd imagine is already a hostile acceptance of a trans person.
i totally agree with the fully transitioned sentiment. or if they do undergo surgery while enlisted, maybe have them temporarily discharged or something? i have an issue with sweeping generalizations and saying that every single trans person is banned. that's where i draw the line. but i totally agree with what you said about buddy fuckers. had no idea that was the terminology hahaa.


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It's a stupid argument. If you're fit to serve and want to do it, then nothing should stop you from doing so, no matter what's between your legs, what pronouns you use or what gender you're attracted to.
As a non military person there is an aspect no one seems to be pointing out here. Trans people have a suicide rate of 41%*. This is after surgery. In most cases these people have a misdiagnosed mental issue and they somehow are believing that being a different gender will solve their problems. In some cases it absolutely does and in some, not. So now imagine that you are putting these people in the military, often in very stressful situations with being in active combat the most extreme example. Can a soldier/commander/general or whoever count on their trans counterparts? Or are they going to break under pressure and end up being a "buddy fucker/blue falcon". I believe that example itself is reason enough to not have them in active duty. I see the cost of these operations and time spent outside of active duty has already been addressed. Would have been the next part of what I had to say. It is easy to pigeon hole this under not being physically fit for duty but in reality at the end of the day, they are not mentally or emotionally fit for duty in most cases as opposed to physically.

Overall they are people just like you and I. They might have something different going on upstairs than most do but they are just people.

This was just another silly thing Obama did in his last year without investigating it and passing legislation to make it mean something. Which is why it is so easily overturned. Virtue signalling does nothing for no one. It is only made into such a big deal because the msm loves to hyperventilate about every single thing President Trump does. It's good ratings.

On a related note. I personally believe parents who foster trans thoughts in their children are committing extreme child abuse. Let kids be kids and stop ramming their own agenda into their children. Can't pick their bed time, cant pick their gender.