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SO, i know alot of you watch true blood, cuase its an awesome series, and im sure theres alot of other HBO shows you guys all like.

But here to talk about true blood.

Any one catch tongihts Ep? Does jason actually turn into a warepanther? WTF...i hate there cliff hangers.


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he does in the books but the series varies more and more from the original storyline as time goes on so who knows anymore?

Blood Fiend

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Yah true enough, i have heard that from a few people, im thinking about getting the book-series to read.

and now Eric and sookie are fucking, and bill is getting into some hot water with nan flannagin in the upcomming episodes.
Omg Eric x Sookie ftw! I am also thinking about reading the books. I heard from a few friends that last season was way off the books.