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too Fast N' Furious


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Few people have mentioned this, and also ive thought about it too. The Half-Time on GO server is too short.(so overall time too obviously) :) on CS:GO it feels like the timer runs down almost every single round so by the time halfway hits, people look at score and its only 3-3 or 4-3. plus during those few rounds the top players get autobalanced almost nonstop, so they really dont get much time to feel out a team or chance for a comeback and such.
-would be cool if we could extend maps without admin manually doing it,and have the autobalance specifics looked at and maybe adjusted.
thank you


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i like gaspar's idea. also i do miss the 30 min play period we used to run in GO but i do think itd be a bit much... the seattle smokers lounge server uses rounds instead of a set time limit which i like

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I have changed it to max rounds 16, we'll see how that works. I feel that 12/half is too many, given our past experience.

Edit: if I did it right.
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