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To buy or not to buy? 980 gtx TI!


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Right, but I rather go with something that will keep me happy for few years...I'm still rocking a 480gtx...
The TI seems the way to go. Especially if I want 144hz full benefit.

Fu MaN ChEwEd

The 47 Ronin
not really, with my titan at 4k resolution I get a steady non drop 144hz gameplay where as the gtx 980ti although fast and reliable dips really low in certain games. Plus Doing SLI to get a steady 60fps in most games is almost twice the amount, costs you twice the voltage and heat. Trust me, gtx titan x will be the card to get. You will not have to upgrade a 12gb card for at least 4 years. Even running grand theft auto at 4k resolution 144hz with a 32" monitor and two screens I used exactly 4355gb of memory. Only a quarter, vs the 980ti which would have used almost used up the entire memory. And thats NOT the case with fallout 4 which used 6255gb ram at 4k which is more than the ti. It runs it at 4k but dips badly versus the gtx titan X that steadily chews through the games.