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Time for a new build, water cooling?


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Alright, I know we have a few folks around these parts that keep fairly current with hardware releases and have done some water cooling. I am getting started now as this is going to occur in two stages, first is the gathering of all parts to build a basic water loop for graphics cards and cpu. The second stage will add in which ever platform I decide to go with in five or six months. I figure it is much easier to swallow screwing up an old board and cpu as opposed to a brand new 1K dollar investment going *poof* the moment water comes with in ten feet of this water cooled pc.

So my X79 Asus Rampage Extreme with the 3960X will get a water block and maybe even the ram modules (at this point it doesn't add that much cost for some fittings and the ram modules). I already bought 2 Asus Strix 1080 Ti and ordered 2 EK nickel water blocks and back plates. The case I currently use sucks balls, terrible to clean and the fans do not move much air so that is getting tossed out as well as the power supply due to the last one going pop a couple months ago after five years use.

This is the parts list I plan on going with, ordering everything I need to transfer current items I plan on keeping with the new items I am about to order.

Case- Caselabs S8
CPU- Intel I7 3960x (I have)
Water Block: XSPC Raystorm for socket 2011
Motherboard- Asus Rampage Extreme X79 (I have)
Graphics- 2 x Asus Strix 1080 Ti (I have)
Water Block: EK Strix Full Coverage w\backplates
Ram- Corsair Vengeance DDR 3 2800 16 GB (I have)
Water Block: EK Ram Modules x 2
Power Supply- Seasonic Prime 1200 watt
SSD- 2 x Samsung 840 Pro (I have)

Water Cooling Loops, 1. Graphics Loop 2. Mother Board

Both loops will run off of top mounted radiators in the S8, each loop will run off a single 360mm x 45mm thick radiator in pull only. With quality fans and 100% copper radiators 3 x 120mm fans should be enough for each loop. If this proves to not be cutting it, I can add 2 more 120.3 radiators and double the wattage pulled from the system.

Radiators- Alphacool XT 45 Nexxos 360mm x 2
Fans- Corsair Air Series SP120 PWM
Pump\Res- Still pondering as these guys seriously milk these setups for every penny. Either Thermaltake or Singularity Computer from down under. It will be a D5 based motor setup with integrated pump and reservoir.
Fittings- Leaning towards Bits Power as I really like their selection and build quality. Curious what others have experienced with these guys
Tubing- At this point figuring just 12mm hard PETG from Bits Power. If I decide to cheap out on using all the nineties and forty-fives as fittings as opposed to elaborate bends, I might bump this to 16mm hard tubing and just straight flush fittings and loads of bends.

It is kind of pathetic how the websites promoting these products can't put together an organized and useful website, it has taken so long to even get to this point just determining what I need and what works with what. As an example, one of the major items you need to consider when going water cooling is the reservoir and pump combination to go with. You could go with a tank of any size you like and have a remote pump hidden some where do the dirty work. Or, you could go with what is pretty much the craze these days and use one of the cylindrical reservoirs with the integrated pump right in the base. Currently Bitspower has a real nice one, the trouble is you have to buy like five different items to put together one single pump and reservoir. You buy the reservoir cylinder which comes with a top you'll toss out cause it only has one port and you need two and you'll throw out the base cause it doesn't come with the pump attachment base. You now need to buy what they call a pump top for that second or third hole being drilled and tapped (Massive labor cost here), and you also need to buy a pump bottom so you can actually attache the pump to the reservoir. Since the motors are kind of ugly they have a dress up kit, yup, nicely anodized heat sinks and pump covers to look all the better. By the time you buy each little bit to build a usable pump\reservoir combo you had to buy like five or six different items that all have to be compatible with each other.... OIYE

Why the fuck has no one besides Thermaltake and a couple small producers not copied those top used setups and have them as a fully assembled and ready to plug into your power supply and water loop??? Trouble is the Thermaltake is one size and not the best looking from purely an aesthetics point of view...

I am not ordering a single item for the hard tubing portion until I have everything installed and have a clue what I might actually need as these fittings ain't cheap.


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You need to get your feet wet! Sorry, I'm all hot air; I've never done liquid cooling. I did not read your posting entirely, so I apologize if below video is not helpful.



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"Just do it" said Nike :)

Too funny, I figured you of all people would have a few opinions to toss my way.

So I ordered everything but the reservoir\pumps and the fittings, will have to figure out the layout before I spend another fortune on gear.


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Too funny, I figured you of all people would have a few opinions to toss my way.

So I ordered everything but the reservoir\pumps and the fittings, will have to figure out the layout before I spend another fortune on gear.

With your case, you can do wonders...
plan the layout first with measures then everything will fall into places...Good luck!


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On far, long route, are you tempted sometimes?

Nahh, a DUI is instant grounds for being fired with cause, the with cause part means I shit on my retirement. Having spent nearly 2.5 decades working for this company and building a pretty comfy retirement, I think I'll continue down the path of let others do the stupid shit.