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His Stigness
The 47 Ronin
Name: Andrew
Pullman, WA (originally from the Seattle area)
In Game nickname/nicknames:
Your favorite hobby:
Watching hockey! I'm one of those people who will watch any game no matter who is playing.
Your favorite movie:
Independence Day (At one point I had every line memorized, sad?)
Games you play:
How many hours a week are you online:
Your previous squad/team:
Played on a DoD:S and CS 1.6 team but they were pretty small time
Will you be able to donate towards the server on a regular basis:
Usually try to chip in $10 monthly
Why did you leave your last squad:
Server died and team disbanded
How long have you been playing in our server:
Two months

Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin:
Well I've been playing CS in all of its permutations since the beta stages in the early 2000s. I have to admit I have improved over the years but I am still not considered an elite player. Sometimes I'm frankly just not that good. Despite this, I still love the game and play it often. Since playing with you guys I have realized that this is a really good community (very active, too) and playing here has improved my game more than in all my previous years of playing. I find myself playing CS:GO more often (I guess I'm better at it), but I make it a point to keep active in both CS:S and CS:GO and keep my rank at around 100 or better on both servers. I'd like to be included in a solid community while improving my game, so this seems like the place for me. I also try to keep active at least daily in the forums. Lately I have started playing in matchmaking to improve my team strategy skills as well. I think I also contribute by populating the server when it's empty, which I will continue to do even if my app isn't accepted.

Tell us about you:
I am a second year veterinary student so I tend to be pretty busy during the weeks. Usually I can fit an hour or two of gaming in daily (more on weekends) but it tends to flux with my test schedule. I spend my free time gaming, watching ice hockey, working on my pickup, and hanging out with my wife and 3 cats. I am pretty into technology but right now budgetary concerns tend to be the limiting factor on that...(so no new computer builds for a while :p). I'm pretty easy-going as a rule...just not a whole lot of tolerance for people with no common sense. I like to use gaming as a stress reliever. Sometimes after a long week of classes you just want to shoot some terrorists in the face.

Thanks for your consideration guys. Even if I'm not accepted rest assured that I'm not going anywhere. See you all around.


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
applications that look like theyve had time put into them and are professional is always a great start. plus being active on both servers AND the forums is essential. so as far as i can tell.. as long as you can keep it up itll only be a matter of time. GLHF!


Staff member
Great application, be sure to help us populate our servers on a regular basis and also keep being active on the forums.


47R|Source Division
The 47 Ronin
if you're ever in the source server, join me in a rush... just dont get shot. i'll play GO every now and then, when the server needs filling, so i might catch you there for a bit.
great app and he has helped populate multiple times. Also he is fun to play with and already has 79 posts on the forums since joining in January.

Definitely get a huge +1000000000000000 from me.


Staff member
Been around the community for a bit, been active for the past 3 months.

Application approved, just make sure you are still contributing towards our CS:GO server and being active there and also keep up the great forums activity!
Add me on steam and_pilot for a group invite.