these guys are nuts

That is ridiculous, fastest I've ever gone on a bike was 130(Harley Panhead drag bike) never want to do that again. One mistake...and...dead. Just nuts, well put Haze.


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Do i smell Mack wanting to do this??

But dam that is crazy... after hearing what happened to this one dude who got into a motorcycle accident while i was volunteering at a hospital i sweared myself im not gonna get a motorcycle


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fastest i've ever gone on a bike was 165 on my 93 gsxr 750... scared the piss out of me. i don't think i've ever gone over 90 on a bike since lol
geez those crash scenes are wicked. how the fuck do you survive them???
I dont think you do survive them. At least not the guy that cartwheeled into the stone wall... Also at one point I am fairly certain the helmet cam showed bird crap on one guys visor...