The Walking Dead


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wtf you walking around in the dark with no backup? good riddance!
There are many, "WTF!!!" moments in this show that piss me off. This ^, carl messing with the walker, Rick's dumbass wife driving and very ridiculously swerving into a bank, etc...


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that last episode was pretty legit. Season finale should be very interesting. They way the prisoner and Shane turned into walkers was strane.


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Sadly no I'm not happy Dale died.. his character helped bring conflict and raise awareness of the civilized/uncivilized worlds... And losing shane as an Antagonist / semi-hero was too early for my taste.. although I did enjoy watching him get it from both rick and carl... kinda like a "don't fuck with my family or this is what you get" (lol'd he died twice) and it looks like the prelude of shane stating the guards had no bites and yet they were infected shortly before his and ricks' fight.... that was too telling to me (as well as the mental picture flashes as from shane's perspective as well and his increasingly erratic choices/behavior .. I'm very much looking forward to the season finale and see what / who still stands and hasn't been .....(wait for it) ................................Left 4 Dead... :D
im not happy dale died especially due to carl being a fucking dumbass kid. kids should all die in apocalypse shows imo. just stupid bullshit they create that would never happen or be allowed in a real situation. im glad shane got what he had coming though. as much as i would like to try and tie his mental breakdown in with the non bitten infected zombies... i think he just couldnt handle it especially when rick's dumb ass wife was always fucking with his head. women, the root of all evil right? lol.

i do hope though that we will finally find out wtf the cdc guy said and i believe that will reveal the mystery behind the unbitten infected.

also i just gotta point out rick's dumb ass wife... female drivers, i mean cmon the bitch crashes on the open road in an apocalypse???? sure there was a walker in the road but you would think by then you would be in the mind frame that, mostly everyone is dead so im going to drive wrecklessly fast wherever i go and run over anyone or thing that is in the road because fuck it. BUT NO, im going to stare at a map and not at the road and swirve like a dumb fuck when i finally look up..... female drivers...... things like that really piss me off on tv shows.