The Walking Dead


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Man, I didn't realize that this topic is this big!

I also do hate the filler episodes, nothing pisses me off more than fillers.
Look @ Naruto, they had once almost a year worth of fillers, now they are having 3 months worth of fillers and probably 2 more months left of crappy fillers.
Same for bleach...thats why i stopped watching it right after Aizen was captured because i knew it was pretty over.

fillers are a waste of my time if it doesn't stick to the story from the original characters. period.
This season has been MEH so far. The only good episodes was the first one and this last one for the mid-season finale. Shane is one BAMF!

Still love the "Hello farmer's daughter" as the best line of the season.


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Obvious show is obvious. I mean, seriously by a few episodes in you pretty much know wtf was gonna happen.

very disappointed with this 1/2 season.
I skipped 4 episodes of this season after Carl got shot. I laughed and demanded him to die. I watched the last episode where they massacred the walkers from the barn. That satisfied me. This episode made me not hate the show once again. Still lots of talking.