The Walking Dead

This episode was good, but I totally lose interest every time they get into these super long, dramatic dialogues. What the fuck was Lori's problem? She was going on and on to Rick about how she's not sure if life was worth living, yada yada, maybe its better for her son to die. This wasn't just annoying, it was also totally unrealistic. Human beings do everything possible to survive...and a monther's will for her children to live is stronger than 10 AWP headshots.
idk though, in a zombie apocalypse I think an adolescent child wouldnt survive too long, and for him to see all this stuff is just crazy, let alone get eaten by one of those things and become a zombie, it seems like a reasonable decision.


The 47 Ronin
He is going iff the deepend as his latest actions. He is rationalizing and justifying his axtions in his head to himself. Hes starting to show his true colora.. i expect a showdown with him soon.. maybe even going rogue
I missed the initial viewing and didnt watch it until last night. Damn, I just had a feeling when Shane showed up alone that he did something to Otis. That move might be more evil than Clay Morrow on SOA with Piney. I still dont know which was more fucked.