The Walking Dead

The thing that separates this show from other zombie ones is that the gore and zombie aspect of it comes second to the human interaction trying to survive in a post zombocalyptic world. lol

el jorge loco

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Oh if they did a Fallout TV series, I would be forced to drop out of law school ahahaha

But I remember when walking dead was released last year and I thought the show was amazing. I've been waiting for second season to come to digital download/dvd
Most zombie/horror movies are totally lame but The Walking Dead is fantastic.

My only complaint is the odd interactions between the main sheriff guy and his good looking wife. Her character is always fucking unsure or needing random verification. "YOU'RE LEAVING US AGAIN?" "I DONT KNOW IF I CAN DO THIS" --Its like damn woman, who made you keanu reeves? Its the zombie apocalypse, think strategic and do what needs to be done with your husband who survived hell to make it to you again.