The Walking Dead

Like BB said we have read the first 3 books of the walking dead, i think there are 9 now, he just finished the 9th. I dont know how dark AMC is gonna let the TV show go, but they just get darker and darker, so much more death and killing and just everything. Everytime i have bought a book and read it i go 'man that was intense my favorite one yet!' I have said that for all the books i own now! I kinda like the comics more cause they are just soo much more gruesome than any TV show could ever get, but ya season 3, i hope if it all happens like it does in the book will be great. So far they have put all of Book 1 into 2 season of show.

Also if you are looking to pick them up, get them on, they run about 35 bucks at any bookstore, on amazon they can get as low at 18 dollars with some shipping and handleing. They are nice books hardback and all, and have really cool concept art in the back, and the single issue art covers as well. Also book 1 has a mini comic of Morgan and Duane Jones, the black man and his son from season 1. Its not all that great but there is a note from Robert Kirkman saying he is going to add more!
great series, really love the end of mankind stuff, quite a few twists in it, i like twists. i spent a day reading the comics, skipped work cos i was hooked.

does anyone watch The Talkin Dead?