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The Walking Dead: The Game

Joshua Lein

I know this game has been out for a while but i just recently played it so if this review is late IDGAF. Also My last review didnt have structure but Ill use the template provided just cause i dont like thinking hard and like that it is already set up. Im gonna start with the shortest sections first.

Title: The Walking Dead: The Game

Platform: PC, PS3, xBox360: Downloadable or retail

Gameplay: Well there mostly isn't any. There are few times when you have to do anything but make decisions and talk but the few times action is required it is very simple like moving the icon over the Zombie's head and hitting down/X. There are 2 gun shooting bits and they are a little annoying but they are short.

Controls: Like I said they aren't really important. Of course I was quite pissed because, being the freak I am, I always invert the Y axis and this game didn't even let me change it. doesn't seem like a hard thing to add but whatever. It doesn't matter on PC anyway.

Graphics: very stylized to look like comic book art. It wont win any awards but it works for this game. again though its not important.

Story: Finally what is important in the game. I have to say that the amount of emotional connection I had with the girl, Clem, rivaled some of the all timers like Alyx Vance, Tali Vas Normandy, and Agro. I seriously cared alot what she thought and her protection was my only the only deciding factor in my choices. I actually cared if this fictional character approved of my choices. The rest of the characters are also amazing and while I wasn't as invested in their fates they provided for an amazingly presented story.

This game is not easy to describe and I'm not great at writing reviews but I can say that I have never been as emotionally involved in a video game in my life and the moral conflicts I had while playing were more pronounced and expertly implemented into the game then I've ever seen. The characters blew me away and some insane moments literally dropped my jaw and had me screaming at my TV "HOLY SHIT!!!", I nearly cried at the end, didn't but had that weird pre-cry feeling.

For all that great stuff there are some problems. I think that in the end the game is designed to have only a certain number of survivors, not specifically which ones but a certain number. there was literally zero control customization on the xbox360 retail version i had. The ending was very open and lacking in closure and while the post credits cutscene answered one question it brought up many more and only served to confuse me.

Summary: I can definitely see why this game won the VGA game of the year award. If you like stories that are great and/or you can (kinda) influence get this. If you aren't sure, get this game. its only 30 dollars. Just dont play it more then once because if you do you will realize your decisions didn't make much of a difference anyway.

Score: 9/10

PS: my brother was greatly dissatisfied with the conclusion to the game and that you cant really change what happens so that has certainly leaked into my own view of it. I wrote this review a couple days before i posted it and now I'm not as satisfied myself. But i will play the next season and it was an experience i wont forget and a story I wont forget. You cant change what happens in most games so its not a big deal, I just want a game to finally live up to the promise of player controlled story. I want to be able to do anything I want, save everyone, kill everyone, anything. This game does not fulfill that dream but it is still a great game and one of the best video game stories i can remember.

el jorge loco

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lol Josh, you beat me to it.

I wanted to hold off on review until the final episode came out, but oh well.

TWD The game is awesome.