The most dangerous/bonehead thing you've done

I've done a lot of dumb things when I was younger and broke a lot of bones. My most dangerous/boneheaded moments probably involve intoxicating substances and cars. This one time, I took like 5 different pills and drank a few tall cans of steel reserve...
You could have just stopped with that last part there.


The 47 Ronin
lol i agree with blood, but here is mine...

One day it just finished up raining, but the ground was still semi-wet. I was riding my long board on campus when i decided to go full speed down a ramp. At the bottom there was a small puddle of water that I couldnt avoid. There was a right turn coming up at the bottom of the ramp, but as I tried turning i start swerving because the wheels were slippery. I couldnt keep my balance so i fell forward and my head hit a sharp corner of this recycling bin. I was pretty dazed for about 5 minutes and had a massive headache. It almost felt similar to getting a concusion while wearing a football helmet. I'm sure some people who were watching had a good laugh, but there were a few parents around that looked like they saw a ghost when they looked at me lol.
Well... paintballing naked. along with that, reffing for a bunch of teenagers in a game of speedball, when some jokester got the idea to yell out "shoot the ref"... I quit counting at 30 welts, and my balls hurt for days.
LOL! She's taller than me! So I think she is like 5'3? or 5'4", OKAY?! But I guess she is shrinking due to her old age. But yes, mama is terrifying, she ripped out a chunk of my hair once in high school because I refused to do the dishes. Never say no to mama!
she didnt make u stand in kung-fu stance for hours? but seiroulsy ripping out hair...damn glad i dont have angry asian women as my mother
No this is how u do it. Put a FULL 5 gallon bucket on a fire. then wait for the propane to boil and blow off the safety valve. Then shoot the thing with a high velocity rifle round!