The most dangerous/bonehead thing you've done


Hmm I've done a lot of stupid shit in my life. I think the most boneheaded thing Ive done recently is wheeling at over 100mph. Part of the reason I just sold my bike, again...


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@ giants try bombing a hill like that on a skateboard. haha I can't recall how many times I've ate major shit doing that, or getting hit by cars cause you can't stop haha Its a risk I'm willing to take!
Hmm the stupidest/dangerous thing i ever done was rollerblading down a mountain and almost fall of the cliff. My brake broke off while i was braking on a turn and i slide and rolled down maybe 300feet down the mountain almost do the cliff luckily i hit a tree and hold on to it. No broken bones but crap load of cuts and bruises and lot of blood involved
Haha I feel you. I used to go down this steeeep ass road with tons of cars and tailgate/taxi them with my longboard.

The other dumb thing I did was keep hooking up with this bro hoe (sorry nor cal bros). She was pretty hot, but it goes against my codes (once again, she was hot, haha). And she was 17. The dumbest thing I did was break it off badly with her. Luckily, no authorities were notified of my huge package penetrating her acclaimed virgin (but very loose for some reason) vagina.
For some reason I had a huge hunting knife in my room while I was playing day of defeat and drinking Dr.pepper. While the game was loading I got bored and started to try to cut the cap of the soda while in my hand. It slipped and a piece of my finger fell on to my keyboard. A week later my friend ripped the band aid off and it began bleeding everywhere. so yah lesson learnt dont gut things while holding them with a large knife


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165mph on a motorcycle


drove around an ambitious drug dealer for a few years right out of high school - my best friend at the time and my best man... learned a lot of not so nice things about the underbelly of society. funny thing is, i was sober the whole time the drugs were free and available! 'didn't start doing drugs till AFTER he went to jail/prison and i had to pay! :-/
what is the most dangerous thing you can ever remember doing?

I will start off by saying: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!(but mature adults are ok)

I was 17, my cousin showed me how to make a propane bomb... take empty propane tank(they might explode during the first step if filled) drill a whole in the side just to small for a nail. Then, plug the whole with the nail. Fill the tank and find a straight stretch of road in the country. Drive i would say at least 60 miles an hour. You probably want to be in a truck for this, then throw the tank as high as you can, driving away as fast as you can...Tank hits road, spark ignites gas = big boom... I will NEVER do it again...
with out reading the rest of the posts in this thread, i would have to say you win.