The most dangerous/bonehead thing you've done

what is the most dangerous thing you can ever remember doing?

I will start off by saying: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!(but mature adults are ok)

I was 17, my cousin showed me how to make a propane bomb... take empty propane tank(they might explode during the first step if filled) drill a whole in the side just to small for a nail. Then, plug the whole with the nail. Fill the tank and find a straight stretch of road in the country. Drive i would say at least 60 miles an hour. You probably want to be in a truck for this, then throw the tank as high as you can, driving away as fast as you can...Tank hits road, spark ignites gas = big boom... I will NEVER do it again...


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I've done a lot of dumb things when I was younger and broke a lot of bones. My most dangerous/boneheaded moments probably involve intoxicating substances and cars. This one time, I took like 5 different pills and drank a few tall cans of steel reserve, my friends and I decided we needed to go to McDonalds. So I pack them in my mini van, we drive through and order. A lot of us were a little too messed up to remember what we previously ordered 5 seconds before, so I try to back up to the window after we got our food... BAM! I hit the wall right below the window and this guy stuck his head out screaming and I just drove away as fast as I could. haha BTW, I never get in accidents, this was a one time thing. I am like the designated drunk driver for my friends (and I was a driving instructor!) haha


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I was running on a construction area without looking down and I landed on a huge ass screwdriver....ended up going to the emergency room to avoid infection and could not walk for a week....
Man, I still remember how big the hole was....terrifying.
oh shit! that sucks man... the worst thing that ever happened to my physically was when i dislocated my shoulder while pitching during a baseball game...or maybe when i broke both thumbs during a volleyball match(both sucked)


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Hmm the stupidest/dangerous thing i ever done was rollerblading down a mountain and almost fall of the cliff. My brake broke off while i was braking on a turn and i slide and rolled down maybe 300feet down the mountain almost do the cliff luckily i hit a tree and hold on to it. No broken bones but crap load of cuts and bruises and lot of blood involved
I guess biking down a bumpy dirt hill, starting from a good 1000 feet up I would guess. Hit a bump flew over the top of my bike knocked my head and my stomach. Completely knocked the wind out of me. Couldn't breath at all for a good 15 seconds, scared the shit out of me. Ended up with some some cuts and a bump on my head, but never went down that hill again.