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The Hunter: Primal - HORRIBLE


The 47 Ronin
I'm just going to write a short bit about this game because how terrible it is, and no other fancy pics or videos.

You start the game, it looks pretty good and you're excited to wander around and find weapons and see dinosaurs. You may find a few boxes with items before you run into a Dinosaur at which point you're completely fucked. You die and lose everything. That's fine, it's a survival game with dinosaurs, what else would you expect to happen?

The first few times you die, you think, okay, I expected to get raped at first. Then you quickly realize how fucked up the combat mechanics are in the game and how awful the dinosaur mechanics are.

Here are the horrible issues with the game:

1. It appears that damage dealt via weapons is random and horribly inconsistent. I shot a raptor in the face with 10 arrows and it didn't flinch. I watched a review of the game on youtube and the guy said the same thing, sometimes you'd kill it with one shot, others it just wouldn't die.

2. The Dinosaur's will sometimes stand still right next to you, all glitched out. They make no special animation when attacking you, they just kinda run at you and your screen flashes red when they hit you.

3. Every time I respawned I was in the scent range for a raptor within a few minutes. So, you go prone in a bush and wait for them to pass by. No, they don't pass by. They sit there completely still for as long as you do. You hear them in the distance, so you go the other way. They follow you, forever. And then stand next to you, forever. Then you try to run and they come attack you all stiff and retarded.

I didn't buy the game, someone gifted it to me and warned me how horrible it was. haha This is just my warning to anyone considering trying it out. Unless a major update fixes the core issues, I wouldn't touch it.


The 47 Ronin
This sounds like it was hacked together by the same group developing Dayz.

It definitely has that same quality to it. It looks nice, it's a good concept and you're totally excited to get to kill zombies/dinosaurs. Then you realize the combat is garbage and your hits don't register. At least in DayZ you can run away from zombies haha This game has a stamina bar so you can only run so far.