The fitness thread! (trash talkers need not apply)

Losing fat around the waist is hard because belly fat hugs on for dear life ,
best thing is to cut sugars , trans fats , all that garbage out of your diet . Instead of pop or even beer is hard on the stomach so cut back on the partying aswell .. drink water even if your not thirsty just make it a habit all through out the day .
biggest one is take up running . keep in mind it won't happen overnight & those weight loss pills are bullshit , the more effort you put into yourself the more youll get out of it & life



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Good stuff, Vinnie.

My wife & I did Medifast last year, which is basically a shake & bars kind of diet plan. You eat 200 calorie "meals" every 2-3 hours and one "lean & green" which is something like chicken & veggies. I lost 44 pounds in 1.5 months, but while my wife was pregnant, I gained most of it back. I wouldn't recommend doing it, or at least to their extremes. I did zero exercise, but I was so weak during the diet, I don't think I could have. I was working in the yard for about 30 mins and I had to stop and rest. So sad. If I do something similar again, I'd eat more but exercise, which is basically what we should all be doing (eat less/better and exercise).
Okay, so I know I am not fat or anything but I did get tubbier since I moved to university because all I eat is pasta and I haven't been happy with it! I went to a wedding back home in NYC and one of my friends said I got fat so... I started going to the gym 6 days a week.

30min stair master OR elliptical AND ab workouts - every day
upper body: biceps, triceps, deltoids, chest press
lower body: hip abduction/adduction, leg curls, leg press, calf machine thingy

I do upper/lower body every other day.

As far as diet, I've cut down on soda and fast food. I try to cut down on junk food but who am I kidding? It's been like a month and I feel like I am getting more muscles but still tubby :(

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zomg jenn.... ahaha, you remind me of this other Taiwanese girl I know.... >< ahahahahahahahahaha

The worst part is that she doesn't have that bad of a diet... but ever since she came to the U.S. she's gotten comparably large than when she was in Taiwan.... XD


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ALRIGHT! Thread revival! Since I've turned 21... everything has gone downhill again, I've lost my motivation -___-. Just went through the thread again and how's everyones workout been going on?

On Friday, rather than going out I decided to hit the gym for 4 hours being awesome. My diet is poop, my work out is poop.

I need a set routine of everything! If I don't get at least a good 2000 calorie intake before I work out my body sucks and I can hardly run and lift but if I do get at least 2k calories in, I'm a champ!

Also, I know it's quite unsafe but I'm losing at least 2500-2800 calories a day and you know what?! THUG LIFE but yeah... halpz me out broz and brodettez.
If you can commute by bike. That's what I do and I'm in awesome shape. It's really the only time I have since my day consists mostly of sitting behind a computer screen all day. Also if you can do some outdoor activities on the weekend that's a great way to stay healthy. I don't like working out in the traditional sense. It seems stupid to me. There's plenty of ways to stay healthy and fit without having to waste time doing silly exercises. Eating right is pretty important too, but that's mostly for energy I reckon. That's all I've got to say. Just thought I'd chime in since I'm ultra fit.
I need some input, dudes! I just got some unfortunate news from my doctor. I've been having problems with stress fractures in my leg for the past couple years. This is usually a very minor injury, but mine keeps coming back. After going over all my stuff (don't feel like explaining on the medical terminology that I half understand), my doctor basically told me I'm done running. I need some input on "fun" ways to get good cardio workouts. I say fun because I love(d) running. Just going out for a jog with some music and not caring about anything except where I step is an awesome feeling. Since I can no longer do that, I need some alternatives. I plan on swimming A LOT this Summer, but I could see that being limited by upper body workouts. I dunno if I can swim every day like I used to run every day. I have an exercise bike and an elliptical machine, but those both bore the living shit out of me. Staying in one spot just doesn't do it for me. I know I'm getting a solid workout, but I wanna be on the move. I'm thinking of either buying some new tires for my old bike or a new bike altogether. I'm also going to try to get involved with some sports leagues around here. I'm allowed to run around for short periods on grass and such, so I can play something like baseball/softball. I don't know if soccer would be a good idea since that's pretty constant running.

tl;dr version: I can't run anymore. Need some ideas for good cardio workouts. Help me out!


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lol awoll, dude, if u want some good cardio, either mountain biking (just dont hit any major jumps) or smoke yourself in the pool. Get a paddle board, lay on it, and see how many laps you last just using your legs ;). This will really help you with Cardio. Probley not gonna be able to walk after your done kickin with your quads and hamstrings so much.

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