The fitness thread! (trash talkers need not apply)

I tend to go by this health creed,And it works for me....Eat like a King for Breakfast.Prince for Lunch..Peasant for Dinner..You do have to fuel your body in order for your metabolism to kick in gear..With snacks in between..Also Balance plays a key part in our immune system..If you take a new born baby.Keep him in a isolated air filtration room away from all bad air and smog..I believe if you release him afterwards.He or She will only live for a week or so...I used to practice Muay Thai back in the day..But know i EAT MOR THAI FOOD.,lol..Find you niche and do you..Wether walkin..Runnin,Sports etc etc...


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My biggest problem (right behind laziness):
I live to eat, not eat to live.
I get to work and think, "Mmm, what's for lunch?"
After lunch, I think all afternoon, "What's for dinner?"
And for whatever reason, I always think "it's better to have too much than not enough" when it comes to food, as if it's gonna be my last meal or can't snack later.
Definitely will subscribe to this thread, and if anyone needs and advice I can give you some.

I've been real big into bodybuilding the last 2 years, got down to sub 5.5% bodyfat. Just coming off an injury right now where I tore the rotator cuff in both my arms and the bicep tendon in my right arm, so I'm getting ready to start back up soon. I did the whole 5-6 meal a day thing but I'm going to look into Leangains ( and the concept of IF (intermittent fasting). If anyone else has done that please let me know how it's worked for you.

And like I said before, if you're new to fitness and are looking for advice or just talk about fitness and nutrition in general, please don't hesistate to PM or write on my wall! I LOVE bodybuilding, exercise and nutrition dare I say more than video games, so I would love to talk about it with anyone who wants to!


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Any one have good suggestions on getting rid of the fat around the waist? Want to throw some new workouts into my not yet set up routine


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Every day of the week, I just do what I used to do PT in Army. 2-mile run, 100 push-ups, and 100 ab crunches (OK. it was sit-ups in the Army). I used to snack before sleep, but now I skip it. I do slack sometimes by doing less or skip the routine.
I lost 5lbs from 10lb weight gain, most I ever gained in my life. I want to lose another 5, but I'm happy with it.
I do it to look good (opinion of myself) and maintain good health.


Another thing, try to go some nights without eating several hours before bed except for water. Find ways to push how long it takes to eat that way you can help your stomach shrink and then you will feel full without having to eat as much.
I think you want to do the opposite. Correct me if im wrong, but this is what i've read. If you keep going to sleep hungry, or just starve yourself, your body will start storing more fat and start burning muscle instead. I think a healthy meal before bed (maybe an hour or so before) is good so your body has something to feed off of while you sleep. The key to loosing fat isn't to necessarily eat less, but eat healthy. You still want to eat 2 big meals and 2-3 small meals a day. Just make sure it's healthy food.

BTW I have to throw this in here lol


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I checked out the Leangains site Opt1x mentioned. One thing mentioned is there's so much confusing (& contradicting) information floating around as to how we should do things (eat/exercise). One guy carb loads while another cuts out carbs entirely for the same goal. I think I'll stop trying all the different tricks of what to eat and when, and just eat healthier food w/o stuffing myself. That is, until I burn out a week later. :rolleyes: