The fitness thread! (trash talkers need not apply)

My goal is to drop to 180lbs prior to building muscle. With muscle I want to weigh in around at 200-210 ish.

Here's my routine for working out through out the week.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: At least a 3-5 mile run depending on condition. If not it'll be a 10 mile bike ride
Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday: Slight run just to warm myself up. Lift weights, squats, situps and push ups.
Saturday: Recover. On the first week you'll feel like shit.

Here are my meals: Whatever lol... as long as it's half of what my daily calorie intake.
I don't think that you should view fat and muscle as being entirely separate. And I wouldn't recommend worrying about total weight, but rather on the balance between fat and muscle. Before I got injured (tore cartilage between pecs, been fucked for about 4.5 years) I was doing bench, clean, squat, dips, pull ups, and running 30+ miles a week. In my prime I could keep up with most long distance runners and still be able to tear up most sprinters on the track. Remember, having muscle means you are burning more calories by just having them. I dropped my body fat down to 7% when I was in my junior year of high school. I've always had a fast metabolism, but generally had 15-20% body fat.

For food, I eat like shit. I just try to avoid eating butter, ranch, or other really fatty sauces. Go with unsaturated over saturated fats. Another thing, try to go some nights without eating several hours before bed except for water. Find ways to push how long it takes to eat that way you can help your stomach shrink and then you will feel full without having to eat as much. It took me time, but now like half a large pizza fills me up. I used to be able to eat the whole thing.
Right now, I just want to eat that PB&J and skip the jog.
Getting motivated is so freakin' hard. I paid for a gym membership the last two years and never even knew where the place was until last month. haha
I used to get the skinny jokes in high school being near 6' tall and weighing 135. 15 years later, I was 235 and now get the fat jokes.
I'll probably burn it off when I get over CSS and reach the end of the Internet.
You can get to the endoftheinternet here, and you can go even further for only like $50?
For my Infantry qual I just completed ,

12 laps around an 800 m track
10 pull ups
40 push ups
60 double crunches
Repeat 4x

3 times a week

13km - 14km ruc march 100lbs.

2 times a week

Food : Fruit , vegetables , calcium , chicken , few beef . Lots of it

Now :
7km+ tredmill ,
two hours on weights

Honestly "you are what you eat" take it to heart , try your best to stay away from the fastfood & sugars , try & switch up too the vegan food group , snacks we all get hungry try to make it healthy apples , bananas , plain chips & hummas get creative .. even eggs do it .
my opinion on diets is most drop the ball so dont bother , as for motivation think of who & what you want to look like also find some tunes that get you pumped , or find a moment in your life where you either felt ontop of the world or at your lowest and make that your motivation of whom you never want to be & make it the past .

For me my motivation is who I use to be just 2 + years ago , some hoodlum going no where in life but either death or prison . Im far from that guy now due to changing how I feel about everything & everyone around me , working out has helped me sort my demons out & put life into perspective & Im sure if you gave it an honest chance it can for you too .


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Well just wanted to share this... So last year i took the time to actually workout. Last summer to be exact. Thanks to my friends i was actually able to cut down a good 20-30 pounds going from 235 to around 210. However 2 things came up which led to my down fall well make that 3... School, was one and i always made excuses which led me to not use the gym. 2 gained majority of my weight back from the holidays.... 3 the reason i made excuses.... Starcraft 2 came out. I spent majority of my time playing it when i could have been at gym... anyways Now im about 244 and just started going back to the gym last week.

My routine isnt set in stone yet but the main thing i do thrown in is doing 3 intervals of 1 mile. Jog or walking I want to work on my cardio.
Inbetween i do weights and i try to do this 3 times a week.

My main goal right now is to do a half marathon last year and my favoite quote and what inspired me to go back to the gym was this
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But I say this to my self when ever i catch my self making excuses to not go to the gym and it works you know?

Honestly I didnt realize how skinny i was back then and always put my self down Im refering to beginning of collage. during that time i was a host/busser at Islands then for a short while at a panera. After i got a sit down job and gained 30 pounds...

Funny thing though I just got back from the gym :)


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This right here motivates me and my inspirational quotes are.

"I can and I will."

"Nothing is stopping you but yourself."

another inspiration is my girlfriend. I don't want to look like a loser even though she loves me the way I am.