The disrespect and ignorance of some people....


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i'd like to make some declarative statements here about what i've seen (girls gone wild, deals gone bad, people getting beat to within inches of their lives), what i've done (i wasn't always a "nice" guy) and what i do, presently (i have 1 vice... the least of the many i've been swallowed up by), but i'm going to forego all the details of that noise and just say, it makes ZERO sense at all to me that marijuana is federally listed as a schedule 1 narcotic. it's absofuckinglutely ridiculous that drugs like oxycontin, methamphetamine(!!!!!) and ketamine are on lower tiers than cannabis. has anyone really known a person addicted to meth? surely you know an alcoholic? compare either to your local pothead. who's the bigger danger to society or to themselves? ridiculous and ludicrous. the science (and reality!!!) just isn't there to support its position in the hierarchy of controlled substances.

but this is a country in which a strong minority of people think sarah palin would make a great leader of the free world, too... so much for rational, thoughtful thinking and a view and grasp of the larger picture.

/double fucking facepalm

I completely agree with you sin. Like you said, even the simple fact of cannabis being schedule I is outrageous and the government treats it as even worse than cocaine for that matter. It's all about money and greed as to why the government continues to slander its name. If you go back to the old days, hemp was the leading crop and was the first billion dollar crop and was used for thousands upon thousands of different things from car parts to paper. A man named William Hearst was in control of most of the newspaper conglomerate at the time and had been using wood to create his paper. Now, a company called DuPont was partnered with Hearst because they created chemicals to cure the wood to be able to make paper(they also made petroleum, which hemp seed oil could be used as bio-diesel fuel). So, once they heard about this new hemp paper that could be curated quicker and ultimately not use wood to create the same exact product, they weren't going to let it get in their way Hearst began to publish slanders of the product and lying to everyone about how awful this plant was and the dangerous effects it had on people if they smoked it, hence reefer madness way before they called it reefer madness. Today, it's all about the pharmaceutical companies. They are intimidated by a naturally grown substance that can cure the illnesses without harmful side effects that come from the synthetics the companies produce. A lot of research is being conducted and found that extracts from the plant are able to kill cancer cells and reverse the process in a very quick manner. Well, what about all those cancer research hospitals you hear about gaining all these donations to further conduct their research, if they let everyone know that there is a cure and it's from this plant and they don't have to endure radiation any longer, well those research foundations are going to lose A LOT of money.
people are just afraid of what they do not understand or what they are told to be afraid of. i smoke weed every day, i go to college and get A's, i go to work every day, i pay my rent and all of my bills on time, i pay my taxes as well. people are just brainwashed by a bunch of bad science and misinformation. then there are those purists who just dont like to do such things. either way, trying to bash people who smoke saying they are throwing their lives away is a blatantly ignorant statement from someone who is afraid to live out of the norm.
It's an absolute shame that cannabis hasn't been studied thoroughly for medical purposes. Yes there are many studies that exist, but for the most part a lot of these are fairly basic in their findings and don't go on to be studied further. For example, one such study (the one that sold me on the idea that marijuana could be used for medical purposes) shows THC can be used, quite effectively, to reduce the damage done to the brain by a neurotoxin. So far I know of no such study that has followed up on this or built on to it. I'd love to see if THC, or some altered derivative of it, could have any use in brain trauma cases.


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I honestly think do whatever you want in life.
I never smoked weed in my life or any type of drugs in my life.
That's just not me, but that's something personal I've chosen not to do.
I have friends that smoke weed and I honestly don't care or never cared for.

It's your life after all. ;)

BTW President Bush approved Weed:
Don't believe me? See this!
Did this go from steve jobs, to weed? and The usage of the word Cannibus? Weed is what the creator of worlds used at the end of the day to relax. He started to get fat and lazy, but didnt mind.