The Best Covers


The 47 Ronin
What covers do you like more than the originals?

I Love Bowie, but Nirvana kicked this songs ass.

Love how sexy and dark he made this

Only musician to ever cover a Beatles song and make it a 100 times better

Black Sabbath Fail! Pantera Wins.
Talk Dirty to Me by Reel Big Fish is pretty cool. I'm not the biggest fan of metal/arena rock/hair (whatever you wanna call it) bands, so I wasn't a big fan of the original.

A great Erykah Badu cover by My Morning Jacket- Call Tyrone

I find this song to be better to be better than the original.

One of my favorite covers by Ratm


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nice call doob - let's keep the theme - metallica - get ready to have your face owned

les claypool / primus - omgooses

bear with me on this one... i've been to metallica 5 times live - this is the closest i've ever heard any band get to what they sound like in person... i give you... nickelback (really? yes, really) - start at 0:35



The 47 Ronin
See, you went and dun messed up this whole thread by posting Metallica covering the misfits...Its something I DO NOT APPROVE OF.

Here, is something worthy of mention. Its odd he covered this song, and I love both versions, but this one is pretty sweet.

Great White, another badass band. Started off as a Zeppelin cover band but have their own stuff too. Cant beat plant on vocals, but this guy is pretty damn close