The BEST breakfast Cereal (your opinion)

cinnamon life is pretty good. just enough cinnamon and sugar to not cause a crash.

Lucky charms is good but you only eat it for the marshmellows so thats why I go for Count Chocula cuz you get chocolate with the mellows .....duh

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naw naw naw, fuck lucky charms. if you eat it too quickly, the marshmallows crack sharply and make your teeth feel all cold. if you wait until they get soft, the cereal is too soggy now. fuck dat shit yo.

They actually stopped production on all Cap'n Crunch because it had absolutely no nutritional value. Lol I'm a Raisin Bran kinda guy...
sugar is nutrition. they shouldve stopped production long ago, all them mouth-roofs getting cut up.
Breakfast Special

My favorite isn't a cereal... But its better

1 package of hashbrowns
1 Package of bacon(diced)
1 carton of eggs(depending on how many people)
cheese grated

Cook that shit up, mix that shit up, eat that shit up...