The bad about the Sony Press conference.


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I felt like the Wonderbook segment was way too long and boring and the crowd seemed bored out of their minds throughout that whole segment.

PS Network promotion, I think the PS network promotion was somewhat lacking, wasn't really too into it.
PS Plus was a big disappointment, it hasn't lived up to it's expectations and many people were left yawning.
The only time the crowd applauded for PS Plus was when they announced it was going to be free for all the attendees...we know that most of the people in that crowd didn't even have PS plus because they saw no value to it, and most likely after their free subscription expires in a year I doubt they will renew their service

Now, I am not taking away anything from the Sony Press conference, besides the above I thought it was one of the best press conference they had in the recent years and things are looking up for Sony.
I have a feeling next year we will hear more about next gen consoles more than games.