PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!


The 47 Ronin
Wait, where's @inaccurateshot ? I only see a fine lady. :p j/k

Hey @Nutbutter , nice model beside you (not the pic w/ the "birds"). :)

@-L- , I swear I'm not racist, but I scrolled through the beard pic & thought I saw Jorge for a second. haha That beard has powers, like people not noticing Clark Kent is Superman solely adding glasses.


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Great you kept your words, I should keep mine too. Me and Spray in the front.
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Nice shot Shot! Think that is the first time I have seen a true picture of Spray as well! You guys make a good couple :p

The pic with the birds is me and Midget on our way to eat some fua soup when he was in Phoenix.. and the other is me and the wife at the AZ state fair this past Oct. :)