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yah white girls tend to lack a booty. i've always had one..i just wanted to tone it a bit. here's a pic...sorry if you think i'm a skank. but i'm not... :)

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so, you dropped weight and your bum is defying gravity... trust me, the guys hate to see you leave but LOOOOVE to watch you go! ;) dude, that's awesome, bb! and i didn't even have to drop a "pics or gtfo" meme! lol

on a really-real note, how are you feeling, physically? can you tell the difference in your day-to-day activities?
@built[4]sin yeah i definitely do feel more energized and just overall happy. i am never going to be a size 2 or 4 and i have come to accept it :) i can be a healthy, fit size 8 and feel like i'm on top of the world! i also started bikram yoga today (hot yoga) and holy shit i feel like i could run a marathon. loved it sooo much.