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I was Special Forces.... trust me... I was at best the middle of the pack... I was the smallest person in a platoon of 30 and on my best days... take the guidon and lead the comany through 6 miles of hell... the rest of the guys were at least 5"10 and 190lbs.,.. like football heroes on steroids... I just had to keep up and carry the demo and 249m


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5'6 175, cut is a big guy. like honestly that's in my opinion the cutoff, doesnt matter if the others are taller and got 20 or so on you, you can hold your own easily. i hate the whole height taboo. be as fit as you can for your size, and you can take on anyone equivalently. being short has some advantages :p
those tall bastard with their LOOONG legs sure can put some distance in on a sprint... I was painfully slow on sprints .. which i attribtuted to their longer leggs... I never thought twice about scrapping with a big dude.. I had leverage on my side
See I am 6'3" 200 lbs now. In high school I was 6'3" 245 lbs. benching 295 squatting 595 and ran a 4.87 40 time. I was supposed to go play college ball for California Golden Bears as an outside linebacker but I got into a fight on my 18th b-day and fucked that all up.


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that sucks rush. the brightside for me and you gaspar, is smaller is harder to tackle, as long as your a ferocious runner who doesnt give up and break tackles.

i seriously wish we had amateur football leagues for people, itd be time consuming but id love to play.


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hahaha, well this is an LSU jersey and I live in Louisiana. So I am sporting this jersey every Saturday at work to make more tips. (Cocktail server at casino) And ;)