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The 47 Ronin
Hamburglar looks a lot like my cousins. Jenn I've never adopted any people, only pets. Maybe Foster care? Oh, but my condo only really looks like that to me. :) Jorge, man that river looks amazing! And did anybody notice the guns on Cutscene? They more than make up for his chicken legs. o_O Oops, there I go throwing stones from a glass house. I gained back 10 of the 35lbs I lost. :(

Seriously though, I love all the posted pics. They bring us a bit closer to one another in all our wonderful diversity and make us a community. :cool:

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Oh yeah, we went from Guilin City by boat down to Yangshuo (great river cruise, don't eat the fish hahaha, also don't buy the crap from the guys who come up to your boat by raft, it's like they're fucking pirates/low-tech rebels)

Yeah, our trip was paid for along with the river ride.