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The 47 Ronin
@L you make me so damned proud!
[MENTION=206]Sakin[/MENTION] for Birria, right?
[MENTION=55]Cup Full of LOL[/MENTION] We had a Siberian Husky when i was a kid. Her name was Tascha of the Siskyous. She was pure with papers and maybe as beautiful as your pup. She was my favorite...well, secopnd favorite to the German Shepherd that tried to rip out the mailman's throat when he accidentally knocked my down. Her name was Tanya and she was the sweetest bitch I've known.
[MENTION=95]liljenn[/MENTION] Wrinkly old hoe bag misses your smile.
[MENTION=671]kazuo Kiriyama[/MENTION] You have a beautiful family, Sir.