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[MENTION=842]Rampage[/MENTION], I want your dog.... I've always wanted a husky and that dog right there is probably the cutest freakin thing I've ever seen. I'm jelly!


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@Rampage, I want your dog.... I've always wanted a husky and that dog right there is probably the cutest freakin thing I've ever seen. I'm jelly!
hay! i plan on getting one by the end of the year! you got a BOSS ass color. niiiiiiiiicee
[MENTION=484]DeSiRe.[/MENTION]! THanks, kids a trouble maker thought LOL
@Surrender, where you from? i can direct you to my favorite breeder. are you currently on the wait list?


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well the thing is.. this past week theres been 3 new job openings at my work. all for positions better/higher up than my current one. 1 is permanent and the other 2 are seasonal for our 'peak' season. they only leave the application process open for a week for everyone to apply. im over 95% confident that ill get one of the 3 spots [within the next 2 weeks] so with the extra income ill make over the next 5 months..

i was planning to send in an application/get on the waiting list from delmarkleekai [dot com] seeing as i live in san diego and del mar is only a 30 mins or less drive.

also, even if i get one of the seasonal spots, if they decide not to keep me after peak ill still be able to go back to what im currently doing. so technically itd be more like.. i plan to get on a waiting list by the end of the year and maybe actually get a pup from a litter sometime early next year.

then again, im also thinking about changing my living situation so thats up in the air as well.

sorry about the long post. so which breeder did you use/how much did the little dude cost ya?
[MENTION=842]Rampage[/MENTION] - you can pm me the info so we dont clutter this thread with dog talk lol


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Ok I rarely find my self on the other end of a camera so I generally dont have many things to post here.

My friends threw a party last weekend... I found this picture on my phone... I vaguely remember somone sitting on my lap but i thought it was my imagination... heh... the last thing i actually remember was me sitting on the couch in front of a hooka... and started conversing... everything after that was a blur... I've met the girls before at a previous party and one of them again at a kick back. didnt really talk to them much during those times but I wish i could things got to this point... nothing happened after. I remember exchanging numbers after then left with my ride. I confirmed the sequence of events from time stamps on my phone. I was told the party ended 20 minutes after i left. The owner supposedly came out asking everyone to leave because his wife and baby were coming back. hahahahah


if you cant tell im wearing an Aperture Laboratories shirt XD