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The 47 Ronin
So what happened afterwards with the best friends Zoop? Should I even dare to ask?

#1 , you have huge nostrils

#2 , do you wear makeup? cause you have like no facial hair growth whatsoever. I'm actually curious, do u just have really clear and clean skin?

#3 , thats a ton of microdermal piercings! Looks cool though. Do you sleep with them in?

Cool pics though man!
-Yeah, I have a bigger nose due to being Puerto Rican/Brazilian. My facial features don't really match my complexion, so certain things such as my nose, lips and eyes grab attention from people. Or it is just bigger to steal more oxygen.
-Combination of both. I used to have pretty terrible skin due to just genetics[mother has genetic acne.] I'm pretty damn on top of my skin now, and use some makeup when heading out.
-You can't exactly take most of these piercings out; The lips I've had long enough though that they do not close. The cheeks close pretty quickly when taken out, and it hurts to put them back in as I have to jam through some skin layers. Around my eyes are anchors and well...those don't really come out unless a scalpel is used. My ears each have 3 holes in them also, and ill be getting 6 along my collar bone soon. As far as sleeping goes, you kinda adjust to lie your head in ways to not place direct pressure along any of the piercings. When I do, Ill wake up with at least one of them sore. Also in case anyone wonders, I work in a field where it does not matter one bit if I have piercings/tattoos.

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
Dude, i'm like of viking descent and i don't want piercings messing with me when I sleep. Props to you bro. You're more man than I am. Didn't you have that second picture, the one i like to call Purple Rain, as a facebook profile or something for a while. I seem to recall you commented on something somewhere...all I remember is thinking who is that a that's a dude. It kinda freaked me out a little. I didn't know who you were. Props for freaking me out a little. Honestly, i mean no offense. An old buddy of mine loves Lucille Ball so he had photo's taken of himself as...yup...Lucille Ball. It really doesn't work for him though since he's Pomo/Miwiok, suffered from horrible acne that left his face scarred, and has a mustache and goatee that is thick and black (almost blue). Come to think of it he looks more like the love child of Ethel and Ricky Ricardo. Anyway, that was my reaction. had i known who you were i would have just thought, "Damn, ZD looks hawt!"
You grow used to the piercings to be honest. I forget I have them a lot of the time until someone mentions them. This includes when I look in the mirror, as I kind of just seem them as a part of my face and as such have learned to sleep, eat, wash up accordingly. Amazing how the mind can so seamlessly work something foreign to your body structure into your day to day routines.

As for the way I look, I've grown used to hearing some amusing comments, usually late at night. From afar I can confuse people when I am all dressed up, even though I don't look much like a woman. I suppose it is my body type/outfits *shrug* I love replying back in the lowest voice I can just to totally throw them off. Hell, once I was in quicker rush than usual, and was walk running to get somewhere while dressed up. This guy actually started following me, joking in a flirting way going "Hey..what you in such a hurry for. Wanna race? eh?" Seeing as this is NYC, I chose to ignore him rather than respond. His friends were laughing a little and he kept asking, obviously thinking I was a woman from the back/side. I turnedto him and held my hands up in a motorcycle like fashion and made sure to say VERY low "VROOM VROOM SCREEEEEE".
...his face was priceless and he just stopped dead in his tracks.

anyhow, thanks for the compliment =P




Bloodfiend ask who is that in my spray last night. And someone asked who's that "Indian" woman LMFAO!! This is my wifey (told you that after you asked blood), but I just felt like posting!

She's born and raised here in So-Cal but her parents are 100% Italian FYI :)

That's my Husky Bruce in my backyard last year.