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thanks man. shes full chinese and but in PI.

[MENTION=98]Aion[/MENTION] Ahhhh, I see... I grew up mostly in Honolulu, and I also spent couple of summers in Sampalok, Manila. Memories of overflowing sewers on the streets, Hospital far down the street, fish-ball on stick on the corner store, and balut/peanut vendors in the evenings.

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Thanks, but this ain't facebook fool. World renown, facebook. Where everyone and their momma's momma use.

In conclusion, I do like tattoos.

Hey man, it's facebook where ever I roll. Best stay out of my grill. I got 3 dead tweets in there already.

Sorry. I had to do it.
This is one of me and my wife at our wedding last October, and one a couple years back of my band playing a music festival. The last is just me, doing some gay pose for my pokemon card group.

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