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The 47 Ronin
Went to an Anime Convention this weekend in San Diego. To bad there was rain Saturday :/ Here are some photos I have taken. I have more on my hard drive but still need to sort through everything :/ Sadly I dropped my camera face slap... My Lens hood broke and somehow my lens survived. There is a crack by where the lens hood goes. Camera seemed fine sighs..... I also had the opportunity to rent out a 20D from work as a secondary. I didnt use it that much but what surprised me was the Lens that came with it. I was able to bust out a Canon EF DO 70 to 300 awesome for close ups. I made use of this a few times on my 60D and i loved it. (seriously want the f/2.8 L series 70-200 or this lens) Gunna try and rent out again. However a guy signed up for 2 weeks and im sure somone signed up for it after that....

Will post more as I get through them here are just a few.

I seriously have another variation of edit for the 4 photos above this message
Wow, I live like 45 minutes to an hour away from that and I remember when that happened. I could walk outside smell and see tons of smoke all around. That was one long and crazy week. Especially since fires started everywhere and not just in Bastrop
My dad was actually in Cali with me at the time when he got the phone call about the fires and had to take the next flight out. The fucker got about 3 miles from our ranch before wind changed direction. Scary shit


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Dear god, can you guys even adhere to the TOPIC?
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She's my best friend :)

Parties, ya ya~ yaknow college-y stuff.

Boyfriend came to visit moi for spring break :)
This was taken at Clearwater Beach, Tampa.