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Cool pics I use to love to play paintball. Back when I was 16 I would spend all the money I earned working at Burger King and buy shit like a DYE barrel, expansion chamber, double finger trigger and things like that for my Spider TL.
i still have all my gear. I ran a Tippman 98 Custom, I slapped an extended barrel and camouflaged it. I haven't gone ballin in a while. It's definitely a creepy feeling being out in the woods where it's quiet as hell, knowing there are others out there who want to light you up. We even had one guy bring his ghillie suit. He put it on and went out by himself. the 9 of us went against him...he destroyed us. we were never even close. lol
Good times


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The 47 Ronin
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This was the fire in Bastrop, TX taken by my dad on our ranch. That fire was fuckin ragin
Wow, I live like 45 minutes to an hour away from that and I remember when that happened. I could walk outside smell and see tons of smoke all around. That was one long and crazy week. Especially since fires started everywhere and not just in Bastrop