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The 47 Ronin
Me & the Midge: Game Face!

Me & The Midge in Australia.

Wait...I don't recall Midget being with me on that trip. Maybe that was Kyu. Not sure now.

I'm bigger than Jesus' picture, photo, painting, whetever...I'm bigger.

This is where I do my best thinking:

This is how I do my best thinking when I'm where i do my best thinking:

Enjoying Weiss Vom Fass in the Tyrolean Alps. Hey you can see Italy from here and Switzerland with one foot in Austria and the other in Germany. Best brew I ever had.

beware of the lion that roams the halls of the Natural History Museum in Vienna...I B prey.

I'm not sure if this was going into or coming out of McDonalds. Coming out I'm Pretty sure...

This where I live:

This is how I roll:

Here's all that I know:

Be Strong. Live Long. Laugh Often. Sing Out Loud. I Mean Really Really Loud. And Know That They'll Get the Hell Out of Your Way. peace

oh, and use smaller photos
@ Civil: You live in a castle?!! CAN YOU ADOPT ME PLEASE?
@ Loco: You should, it's relaxing here!
@ Jakey: Yeah, Gatorland changed A LOT since I last went there as well. They're setting up a zipline over the gators this month too, COOL YEA? I'll post pictures of that if I ever have time to go!
Damn a zipline over gators? Sounds like fun. Too bad that summer I went Florida was the furthest I ever traveled in my life. I need to get out and travel more. Oh, and to get a passport lulz.


The 47 Ronin
Jesus Hamburglar why are there so many cups of beer? Wtf game is that? And Civil knows how to drink like a man too! We need to have a drinking contest at a meet-up. haha