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The 47 Ronin
Yeah, I've been waiting for him to pop up. Mainly because I want to meet him but also to see if he would fall for the old "flour in a bag" trick. Nothing would make him rage more than snorting some pretend cocaine! Baha!


47Ronin OG
The 47 Ronin
haha good to see someone else with their online "handle" tattoo'd on them (y)
Well but of course! I've been known as "DeSiRe" for about 8 years now in the gaming community. It actually has more meaning to it than just video games. I am going to get puzzles pieces all around it, some of them linked together and a couple to the side that aren't linked together. I have plans for the tiger tattoo as well. I don't like the blood bath anymore so I plan on getting Japanese flowers all around it. A buddy of mine that lives in Dallas can fix up any tattoo whether it be cover up or something stupid you got when you were 16. I actually have 3 more tattoos that I didn't post. But I really really want this tattoo somewhere. 395855_230053530416567_100002357643935_496713_1136902461_n.jpg
the first three are from halloween, i was dj lance rock, with some random dudes, then my buddy who was fraggle rock, then my gf and her coworker. then one from new years, my gf on the right and those other two hoes that came with to make me a nerd lookin pimp lol. then me beating my girl and vice versa, and finally a pic from zombie pub crawl minneapolis with those same hoes of mine. i cant remember if i ever posted any of these before... oh well. and yes, i had 3 dates on new years but only had to pay for me lol. some waitor at the restaurant thought i was just a gay guy, it was pretty funny.