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Holy forehead batman........ lol I get it. She has tits, a pussy and a gun. I can understand that but.... you could play domino's on her forehead.
Me and my god brother, Big Rob.

She's like a little sister to me, because I'm an only child. She's quite vicious, for she's beat up a few dudes in and after high school.

Homeboy Faruk, who is a Drift instructor in Turkey/Poland. All these pictures were taken at my Thanksgiving house party this past year. To say the least, it was a full house with over 50+ patrons. Good times!

Here is a video of Faruk teaching some "noob" how to drift like a pro.
I'll bet if you two went on the Maury Show, Maury would tell at least one of you that God, is NOT the father in this case, is there anyone else you would like to have tested?

She's cute, what style does she use to beat up guys? She doesn't look that tough to

50+ patrons? You invited people to your Thanksgiving party, then CHARGED them? Cool, how much cash did you make?

This IS a gaming squads website, so when you talk about n00bs, I automatically think of inexperienced players running around with nade-launchers and AT-4's
I just find those pictures ridiculously funny...Excepting the guy in the unicorn costume, who CHOSE to look like that, I kind feel sorry for the rest of them, even though they were taken from a album of bad hair cuts, you can see that for some, it was not just a matter of having a bad hair day...some were having a bad FACE