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The 47 Ronin
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I guess I'll keep the alcohol photos going. haha STP in Arizona last year. And I'm pretty sure I had a beer in each hand, I remember the line was long as shit for beer so I got like 3 at a time for myself. hahaha


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
lets do it. this one is old. already faded in it.
double fisting with them girly drinks. bringin' em around to all the ladies in the hoooouseee.

College days>>> During the Chinese New Year Food Festival! i believe this was 2008

This is me in Hong Kong Nov. 12th this year but last time i was there before was 1996!

This was my most recent tattoo and will post more pictures when i get the rest of the arm & chest done.

this is from when me and my friends went shooting haha, group photo!

from left to right,
halie - .22 semi rifle.
travis - .357 revolver
me - .45 s&w looks just like a glock.
nick - 12 gauge pump pistol grip mossberg (this one is soooo fun with slugs haha)