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triple fisting like a champ!
damn right and i'm gonna be doing it again this thursday. its the Marine B-Day followed by veterans day and a couple of my war buddies are coming down to share in the celebration at our local pub. we're gonna get hify and ignit up in here lol its gonna be a long wknd
I hear that ! ,
Its Veterans week all this week then Remembrance Day this Friday just got my dress uniform back from the tailors got to get my oxfords shined up & everything ironed & looking snazzy
for the Parade & memorials then a night on the town after
@Fuzion. Thanks man. it was hard to do figuring out what todo but glad i did. do i miss the corps, ofcourse but we gotta move on. i'm a field electrician hence why i need to be armed, aside from my own security detail while i work =D
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Bedroom DJ, at your service.

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I had to post this... and yes, it's real. Owned by one of my Russian mafia friends.

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My old track car. Getting it on three wheels while hanging a turn @ Thunderhill, CA.
Hey you know my boy Matehel? he's the shop owner of the shop.

I knew him when i was a kid at church... tell him that Frank said what's up from Las Vegas ,,imma message you my number if you can give to him