PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!


The 47 Ronin
All right, after years of hiding, I'll post a pic.
For those that have been around for a while, I still intend to do a sequel posting of who would play us in a 47R movie. I might have to re-up the original.
So, now that my ugly mug has been shared, who would you guys most closely match up as an actor to play me?
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Help me out! Throw some actor names at me, hopefully a closer match than Seagal. ha
309822_10150414741165519_533530518_10640185_2078652599_n.jpg me and my lady before zpc minneapolis

305439_10150414742360519_1032881538_n.jpg at zpc with some other broads

229417_10150265429040519_533530518_9337472_4268937_n.jpg at florida earlier this year, groping a mermaid

225857_10150265434100519_533530518_9337547_7661165_n.jpg star fish i found in fl

188840_10150177964780519_533530518_8899288_111377_n.jpg my bromance and i watching bitch ass packers win superbowl

36830_463988690518_533530518_6933009_4247522_n.jpg catchin fishes on the gunflint last fall

40799_463986750518_533530518_6932987_7229660_n.jpg on the gunflint with my lady

231132_10150265429575519_533530518_9337480_3896835_n.jpg douch face lol

there you go, that is me of somewhat recent times