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PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!

Well to be fair I'll grab pizza up from several spots. One of the best spots of pizza is off the G stop at Clinton-Washington by Pratt Institute. It's of course called Luigi's Pizza, but it seems a lot of people know it and love it.
That or Grandma Roses by myself in Williamsburg. That grandma slice is bangin.


the best shirt in the world... and the shirt is full of these kinds of things.

I hope you guys can see these cause they are linked from my facebook. but idk.

and my eyeball!

btw in that second picture, I was going fishing with my buddy and my dad... they caught the shit out of the fish... I didnt catch anything,
it started when they both caught one, and then a fish got on my line, but my dad had given me some really shitty line and it snapped super easily...
never got a bite after that. : /

el jorge loco

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When linking facebook photos, it makes those photos public even if you have high security on your facebook page. So, yes, Greggo, we can see you.


The 47 Ronin
All right, after years of hiding, I'll post a pic.
For those that have been around for a while, I still intend to do a sequel posting of who would play us in a 47R movie. I might have to re-up the original.
So, now that my ugly mug has been shared, who would you guys most closely match up as an actor to play me?